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Ar ML bianco, Arte FA loam. Structure and form. This kitchen represents the perfect symbiosis of traditional sandblasted wood and sophisticated matte lacquer. The accomplished combination of the two materials creates a cosy modern kitchen that easily becomes the new social hub for family life.

Beton shadow. A material with a major impact: Concrete!

Sherwood H/V GLV cigar, Luce colored GLV blaugrau. A place of calm: this kitchen is refreshingly unobtrusive with its subtle colouring. The handleless designer block in the middle of the room becomes the pivotal focus of everyday life. A modern kitchen.

Rauvisio GL snow. The days when kitchens were just for cooking are long gone. Open-plan interior concepts delight with multifunctional solutions and scope for creativity.

Passion snow, Split-Oak H GLU anticato grey. Nature’s masterpiece.

Color Wall orange, Sincrono Wall tobacco oak. A breathtaking effect. Where colour is concerned, good furnishing questions will always reflect an (under)statement. Even more so when a super-matt lacquered surface is combined with attractive wood shades. Balanced and well proportioned, the “Color Wall orange“ presents itself as a modern classic that delights day after day.

Merino R15 anticato graphite. Dark, noble and mysterious is the best way of describing this kitchen. Whether you prefer Merino entirely without grooves, with one central groove, or grooves  at 10, 15 and 20 cm spacings, is of course a matter of personal taste. Whatever your choice, you can rely on Merino to produce the right ambience to make the staging of your kitchen a complete success.

Latini magnolia. This matt lacquered kitchen in a classic paneled look offers ample space for living. In a balanced combination of light and dark it represents the country-house kitchen of the present day. Carefully thought out and perfectly designed from the ground up, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Fenix GLX schwarz, New Diffuse Bianco dark. An exciting interaction.

Luce GLX bianco. GLX, the handleless kitchen of the new generation! Taking the purist concept one stage further. Not simply handleless (GL), but handleless with something extra (GLX).

Esprit fango, Porto woodline beach wood. A moment in time. Space concepts that combine functionality and aesthetics: thanks to their minimalist look, handleless kitchens are becoming the focus of a new style of living.

Latini R2 matt snow, Split-Oak V anticato grey. Quality is the sum of many parts.

Malaga PM bianco/graphite. The diversity of home interiors. It comes down to interplay of all elements and materials, which in an ideal case are both aesthetic and functional. That is the quintessence of this new way of living.

Trend Sincrono sanremo oak, Color black. Modern, natural and carefully though out. A kitchen even for smaller rooms demonstrates that contrasts such as light-coloured woods and matte lacquer (here sanremo oak with black) can complement each other in an ideal way.

Ripieno anticato loam. Standing out from the crowd! Hardly any other kitchen accomplishes this as well as the Ripieno. In a dark, almost magical-mysterious wood, this kitchen makes a clear statement about the owner’s personal lifestyle.

Pandorra H schwarz. A witness of the times: black is an acknowledgement. The designers’ favourite colour has enjoyed cult status since the Bauhaus era. Black is always effective. Simple. Everywhere.

Passion snow, Split-Oak H GLU anticato nature. Defining a new sense of space.

Esprit fango, Porto woodline beach wood. A moment in time. Space concepts that combine functionality and aesthetics: thanks to their minimalist look, handleless kitchens are becoming the focus of a new style of living. At the centre are excellently designed cooking islands.

Sherwood H GLV engadina, Extrem GLV graphit. The power of attraction: opposites attract one another. The lively grained wood effect interacts with graphite to create an impression of magnificent spaciousness. The result is compellingly present. Highly aesthetic: the formal compactness.

Frost bianco. Everything starts with an idea… This kitchen has everything you need. Nothing is left to be desired.


Schröder Kitchens company was founded by Gustav Schröder in 1926 and is now being managed by the third generation of family members. Initially the business specialised in the manufacture of kitchen buffets in Bünde, Germany. Today the company is managed Kerstin Kröhnert and she wants to continue the success of this traditional family business with the help of innovative and modern ideas.

Schröder Kitchens has trading partners in Germany, France and Belgium, the Netherlands, England and Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Morocco and Algeria and produces its products in a production area totalling 12,500 sqm.

Modern Plus is an exclusive dealer for Schroeder Kitchens in Toronto.