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Schröder Küchen company was founded by Gustav Schröder in Bünde, Germany in 1926 and is now being managed by the third generation of family members. Schroder Kitchens has trading partners in Germany, Europe and delivers to more than 20 countries worldwide. Modern Plus is an exclusive dealer for Schröder Küchen in Canada.

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With a history of more than 70 years, Valdesign® is an established brand in the world of kitchens, continually looking for new growth spaces, aiming to offer an ever wider and more sophisticated range of kitchens. Valdesign® entrusts designers from all over the world with the creation of new ranges that embrace our way of perceiving furniture, quality and a taste for what’s made in Italy. Modern Plus is an exclusive dealer for Valdesign® in Canada.

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Canada’s Best Managed Company Miralis has been manufacturing an incredible range of distinctive and cutting edge products for over 45 years. At Miralis, innovation has always been a core part of the company DNA. Modern Plus is a Miralis dealer in Toronto Castlefield Design District.

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