White Kitchen Cabinets — Why Homeowners Love Them

Glossy white kitchen in handleless design with turquoise tiles splash panel and Miele appliances, Toronto

White kitchen cabinets in all their many shades are such a popular choice for Canadian clients shopping for a new kitchen. Whether they are modern or traditional, glossy or matte, homeowners just love them.

There are many reasons to choose white cabinets:

  • White cabinetry make the kitchen feel larger, more spacious and airy.
  • White cabinets work with most types and colours of the flooring — hardwood, tiles, vinyl, cork.
  • White cabinets create a neutral background for other elements such as countertops, backsplash, stainless steels appliances and flooring, so you can make a statement with those.
  • White kitchen cabinets might be a good choice if you are considering to sell the property in the near future. Chances are, more potential clients might like white cabinets or at least be neutral about them.
  • You could use white cabinetry for any design direction — modern, traditional, transitional.
Glossy white kitchen in handleless design with turquoise tiles splash panel and Miele appliances, Toronto
Glossy white kitchen in Etobicoke, Ontario in handleless design with turquoise mosaic backsplash tiles, Cesar Stone Quartz countertops and Miele appliances. Kitchen cabinets manufacturer: Schröder Küchen, Germany. Kitchen design, project management and installation: Modern Plus, Toronto Canada

When designing modern white kitchen, clients most often will choose a slab/flat panel door in either high gloss or matte finish. If you are not sure whether to choose glossy or matte ask yourself this question – do you want your kitchen to look luxurious, shiny and high energy (glossy), or rather prefer simple, conservative, minimalistic look (matte). What is interesting, with matte finish you could achieve both cozy and warm space or very modern , even cold space, depending on the materials used and other design elements.

When designing traditional or transitional white kitchen cabinets, most probably you would choose a shaker door style or many other variations of the door with the frame and central panel. Most probably you would choose matte or satin finish.

White cabinetry is a great choice for your future kitchen or other cabinetry. The important thing to consider when choosing the shade for your white cabinetry is to select the counter top at the same time. If you choose white colour countertop as well, you would want to make sure that one white does not look yellow against the other.

Good luck shopping
for your gorgeous white kitchen!

High gloss white kitchen with marble design countertop and appliances in 70th design style, Toronto
Satin-matte white kitchen in Toronto with Cambria Britannica Quartz countertop , white ceramic backsplash tiles and stainless steel appliances . Kitchen cabinets manufacturer Schröder Küchen, Germany. Design,project management, installation: Modern Plus, Toronto Canada

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