Handleless With its architecturally innovative design language a handle-free kitchen will always make an instant impact, and an already special front becomes even more striking as a result. As a specialist for handleless kitchens, we offer you a vast array of handle-free options as well as a broad range of stunning door styles.

European German Italian kitchens in Toronto. Technology
White kitchen cabinets. Pull-outs and drawers

Blum LEGRABOX as standard Where pull-outs and drawers are concerned, the hardware technology involved is crucial. That’s why we use exclusively the high-grade Blum LEGRABOX featuring undermounted runners and integral damping. Thus, we can ensure a particularly high quality and guarantee the longevity of our products. On request, our drawers and pull-outs can also be equipped with 10 mm glass.

Flap fittings with integrated damping A flap fitting is a complex piece of hardware. All the more reason for it to be professionally produced. We place great value on durability, quality and stability. That’s why we procure our flap fittings exclusively from internationally renowned manufacturers.

European German Italian kitchens in Toronto. Technology
European German Italian kitchens in Toronto. Technology

19 mm carcase Since stability, safety and lasting durability are extremely important to us and our carcase shouldn’t just look sturdy but offer real stability in practice as well, our carcase is manufactured in a thickness of 19 mm all-round. This quality means we can offer you products with a robustness perfectly suited to cope with the stresses and strains of daily kitchen use.

Hinges with integrated damping During its lifetime a kitchen door is opened and closed an infinite number of times. To ensure that this action takes place smoothly and silently year on year, we exclusively use high-grade hinges with integral damping from leading hardware manufacturers.

European German Italian kitchens in Toronto. Technology
Innovative design of a handle-free kitchen cabinets

X-Tend doors To achieve a purist look, we offer X-Tend doors, enabling you to integrate your electrical appliances seamlessly into the cabinet. Thus, the need to use spacer panels above electrical appliances is no longer a consideration.

5 mm MDF back panel In order to offer maximum stability, we construct our carcase using a 5 mm thick MDF back panel which is screw-fastened and coated on both sides, affording it a high degree of resistance to warpage and deformation.

European German Italian kitchens in Toronto. Technology
European German Italian kitchens in Toronto. Technology

E-Large and E-Wide doors With our E-Large and E-Wide doors we are able to offer you oversize and overwide fronts.

LeMans cabinet When it comes to making the maximum use of storage space, the LeMans corner cabinet offers the perfect solution. Its shelves have an easy swivel action and serve as the home to pots and pans in otherwise inaccessible corners.

European German Italian kitchens in Toronto. Technology

Lighting You’d like to be able to adapt the lighting to your changing needs? With our wide range of lighting solutions we offer you an array of possibilities. If you opt for an LED solution, you can directly adjust the lighting, even in colour and intensity, to reflect your mood and circumstances.

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