Oak kitchen cabinets is one of the hottest kitchen design trends in 2023

Vicenza Oak. Toronto modern kitchens from Europe. Kitchen furniture, cabinetry from German and Italia.
Design experts confidently assert that oak kitchen cabinets have made a comeback in current kitchen trends. Pictured here are the Vicenza oak kitchen cabinets by Schröder Küchen, Germany.

Honey oak kitchen cabinets were all the rage in the 1990s. At that time and later, there was an excess of oak cabinets that builders installed in new houses and apartments. As these cabinets grew old and outdated, one of the major new trends was to paint them white or grey to match other white and grey kitchen design trends at the time. Gradually, oak kitchens became the most unfashionable.

Today, many homeowners wonder if oak cabinetry will ever make a comeback. Design experts confidently say they are already back! In general, wood kitchen elements are trending, and oak is at the forefront, leading the way.

Oak furniture is making a comeback in the world of home design. The natural warmth and beauty of oak are timeless. Importantly, oak cabinetry is becoming more affordable than ever before, thanks to advances in manufacturing technology that allow for more efficient production. This means that homeowners can invest in oak cabinets without paying a fortune for them. Additionally, oak furniture is eco-friendly, as it is made from natural materials through an environmentally friendly production process. Oak meets all the requirements of conservationists, as it is renewable and durable.

Classic oak, stained oak, bog oak — all of these are already being used by designers in modern kitchen interiors. However, the trendiest shade for kitchen cabinets is Vicenza oak.

Vicenza oak cabinet. Kitchen furniture, cabinetry from Germany in Toronto.

Vicenza oak offers an alternative to the traditional classic oaks. It presents an elegant version of ribbed oak with a striking woodgrain structure, a subtle play of color, and a light gray undertone. All of these elements combine to give the decor a super modern appearance.

Vicenza Oak. Toronto modern kitchens from Europe. Kitchen furniture, cabinetry from German and Italia.

Let’s take a look at how oak cabinets fit in with other kitchen furniture trends.

Open concept layout trend. Oak cabinetry fits perfectly into an open floor plan, allowing the natural beauty of wood to become part of the overall aesthetic.

Two-tone kitchen design trend. Combinations of oak and painted surfaces, light oak and dark oak, or oak cabinets and matte white cabinets will add visual interest to your kitchen.

Natural elements trend. Natural materials are firmly on trend. Oak kitchen cabinets, with their warm wood texture, are especially good for contrasting cool stone or stone-looking countertops and backsplash.

Oak cabinet. Kitchen furniture, cabinetry from Germany in Toronto.

Minimalist design trend. This is perhaps the most sustainable trend of all. Minimalism, like no other style, has the natural beauty of materials at the heart of its aesthetic. In turn, the texture of oak, especially Vicenza oak, is so good that it does not need embellishments, making the minimalist style the most suitable for it.

Industrial chic kitchen trend. This aesthetic also works well with warm woods. The contrast of natural oak tones with sharp metallic accents creates a stunning combination.

Oak cabinet. Toronto modern kitchens from Europe. Kitchen furniture, cabinetry from German and Italia.

To sum up, we are witnessing the long-awaited return of oak cabinets to kitchen design trends. New technologies have breathed new life into this beautiful natural material. When planning your new kitchen, consider oak, especially Vicenza oak, as a primary option!

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